Internet Cliques?

Social Media – the cliques of the internet. While the pack of internet folks moves from one to the next, there’s always some that stay behind. Memes joke about the two sides of Tumblr – of Pinterest. Digital anthropologists study them like physical civilizations. I stare and slink away back to dead bodies. Dead bodies are far less stressful.

Stress or no stress, a lot of modern promotional efforts happen on social media. Twitter happens. Lots of random thoughts. I connect with my author friends through there and Facebook, but you can actually find those back and forths easier on Twitter. Instagram is the bane of my crap phone existence. If you follow me there, I rarely post, but you’ll be the first one to see my new cover art when it comes in. My Pinterest is bigger than it probably should be, and secretly, I have two. I get into cycles of the Pinterest void. Honestly, I would love to just have someone bring me an assorted tray of the Matcha desserts. Refer back to bad phone camera for why I’m not on Snapchat.

I think authors go through stages. We get on a new social media, try to learn how it works and get sucked into a weird (yet sometimes profitable) way of working it. My only advice? Don’t get stressed. Do what works for you. If you go out of your way to join media you won’t enjoy working with, you won’t be able to keep it up.

And promotions are mostly about consistency. Do you, and you’ll be fine.

Good Luck.

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