Review: Felix Ever After

Title: Felix Ever After Author: Kacen Callender Stars: ★★★★ (4 stars) If you're looking for a book that deals with the complexity of intersectional marginalization and shows a diverse cast of characters coming of age through different trials in a realistic manner, this is it. This is all the book if you want the friends-to-lovers trope done... Continue Reading →

New Release: A War, Oh Brother!

A better telling of the dumbest fake human you'll probably never meet, written by a much better non-human who watched the whole thing and wasn't emotionally invested in the idiocy of younger brothers, the pride of Legolas wanna-bes who were dying out before I got there, or the absolute futility of mortal existence. Get your... Continue Reading →

Fall of Victory

Fifty years ago, an alien armada's attack on Earth was only thwarted by a powerful nano-tech shield. Now, a small crew aboard the Nike sets out to assess the enemy threat beyond that shield. But as they journey into unknown territory, they begin to uncover secrets about the original attack and the true nature of... Continue Reading →

New Release: BAD BLOOD

The Devil isn’t the only mastermind at work. With the wake from Mammon’s high summoning closed, Rochester was meant to be safe, but as the smoke clears, a new force with an old grudge makes its way into town. If only that were it, but when it rains in Rochester, it pours. Wolfram wanders the... Continue Reading →

Review: Nura and the Immortal Palace

Title: Nura and the Immortal Palace Author: M. T. Khan Stars: ★★★ (3 stars) Whether you're a specialty press out of the midwest or a big hitter like Hachette, using Studio Ghibli as a comparison in your sell line is dangerous. Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away holds a special place in my heart, and in a generation of... Continue Reading →

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