Full Price Promos

As a small press author, I can’t always get my publisher to price down my book for promotions, yet most promo sites are all about $0.99 and free e-books. I’ve been experimenting with the few sites which allow books above $2.99, and here’s what I’ve found:

  1. Book Reader Magazine – absolutely useless. Not a single sale and easily lost in the garble.
  2. Pretty-Hot.com – same exact format as Book Reader Magazine (and probably run by the same people) and just as useless
  3. Fussy Librarian – I’ve done a $0.99 with them that went really well. At over $3, I saw a rise in sales which may or may not cover the costs ($21).

As we know, Amazon algorithms are – unclear at best. While I can 100% say that the first two were useless, I’ll have to wait for my royalties to determine whether or not Fussy Librarian paid off after Amazon takes their portion and my publisher does too. However, that being said, if you self-published your work, I’d say go for it  and –


Good Luck.

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