Review: The One in Light

This review does not contain spoilers! Please keep them out of the comments as well.

Title: The One in Light

Author: J. D. Stonebridge

Stars: ★

Rarely have a read a book only to stare – unseeingly into the air upon completion. A possibly interesting plot stumbled its way from one plot hole to the next. At times, an interaction worked, but a lack of details and the one-dimensional nature of many of the character undermined any long-term success.

It’s really short. If you want a quick read, this is one, but it’s not really worth it. Based on its pricing (varying from free to $0.99), I’m guessing Stonebridge intended it as a lure. Something self-published authors do. They write a series where the first book isn’t so much a book as a teaser, and it’s cheap/free to suck people into the series. Overall, a functional marketing tactic.

However, unlike the more successful series who do this, Stonebridge doesn’t ever really write novels. The entire series is short (all less than 50 pages). Honestly, it all felt like a money tactic. Books chopped up and sold separately, so the $1 price tag adds up. They’re good enough to shrug off a dollar, but why? $8 (whole series) for 320 pages? That’s what it adds up to as a series. 320 pages – the size of a number of books I’ve read and reviewed herein, so really – $8 for a book…is that worth it?

In my opinion, no. Rushed, poorly edited, and smelling like a scheme to power his other work, not a series I’ll ever even look at again.


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