Ultimate Fantasy Book Tour

I was lucky enough to be picked for a free week long book tour from Ultimate Fantasy Books. All I had to do was join this group on Goodreads and participate. Ultimate Fantasy Books reached out to different book bloggers, scheduling 7 days of spotlights, reviews, and excerpts. Overall, I was featured in a post on at least 26 sites. Since this was a specific marketing tool that is available to you all, I thought I’d do some number crunching.

  1. 26 sites schedule, 25 posted in 7 days
  2. Fewest sites per day: 2; most per day:5
  3. Reviews: 6 schedule (5 occurred)
  4. Twitter Followers: +20 (we’ll see who sticks around)
  5. 1 sale

Right there, we seen an increase in exposure of 3-4 sites per day with a range of daily visitors per site between 10s to 100s. Exact averages of visitors haven’t been received or requested from those sites. I’m debating it. Honestly, it’d be interesting to see.

Most of the reviews were on day 6-7. However, the increase of 5 reviews isn’t just on those sites alone. All reviews were cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads. This means my exposure capabilities on those sites increases.

Each day of the tour, Ultimate Fantasy Books tweeted about the tour and my book. I tweeted each site visit, and the majority of sites tweeted about me. All in all, about 20 of those site owners tweeted, and in many cases, if they didn’t, their followers did.

The most tweeted was Rosie Amber. She reviewed High Summons, but the amazing part was when she tweeted. Her tweet went out and then it was tweeted and RT by others over 50 times. Rosie’s got game.

Now – the question we all want to know – how many books sold during this tour?

Well, unfortunately, there’s just one sale that I can connect to the tour  as I can only see my Amazon sales as a traditionally published author. This sale correlated with the posting of the first pair of reviews. I’ll be interested to see if the reviews on day 7 inspire more purchases, and whether the reviews I’ve scheduled in the upcoming months influence sales similarly.

Through this tour, I’ve learned how different sites works. I’ve networked. Always good. Considering I’ve got two books coming out this spring, this tour has taught me the best way of approaching my books and even my blog. The sites with the most views / greatest influence in this tour likely have a format that readers enjoy.

Compared to my giveaways, it’s a bit less clear who participated, but those who are participating have a greater investment in me than the giveaways. Mainly because this took a few weeks to plan out. Additionally, I’ll be tracking how this affects sales in upcoming weeks.

Lessons learned? When you help your fellow authors succeed, you will succeed.

Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Ultimate Fantasy Book Tour

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  1. Thank you so much for the shout out Eli and your kind words.
    I can tell you that by posting on a Tuesday and adding #TuesdayBookBlog to my post title, helped in a big way as there is a large writing/ reader community who RT and share this hashtag. (anyone can use it as long as it is connected to a book related blog post of decent content)
    I can tell you my first tweet of the day about it reached 278 people on Twitter, (between 7-8am UK time) it is how it spreads from there that matters.
    The blog post had 45 views on the day, but I also had a second book review posting on the day, so both books shared the limelight.
    Good luck with your writing, Rosie

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