Two Week Update

Between trying my best to ignore Amazon’s wacky rankings to obsessively working my social media platforms, this hasn’t been a week I’d take much pride in.

Overall, despite the anxiousness and distractions abound, this week has gone rather well. I’ve increased my twitter interactions by around 50% with a marked increase in followers. Had a few good conversations with aspiring authors.

Stats fluctuate a bit. Until I have my quarterly stats, I’m working on estimates for sales. I do, however, know that I need to sell approximately 200 books to get to a print run. My sentiments are mixed on the number. 200 doesn’t seem terribly high. Less than one book a day, but at the same time, if I want to complete the number before the next quarter, there needs to be around 2-3 daily. Again, not too high. Completely plausible.

Knowing this – of course – has resulted in a slight obsession with not knowing on my part. It’ll get better. Once I know. In two months.

Best advice I can give: Have a distraction prepared. My least stressful days involved desperately writing grants. I only wish I’d planned a bit more to ensure I didn’t have down time long enough to obsessively click back to Amazon. Lesson learned, I suppose. Hopefully, you will all do better.

Good Luck.

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