A Digression in Negativity

I’ve discussed the people filled road to success in earlier posts. It’s the reality which gives extroverts an edge in business, but there’s a dangerous edge which aspiring authors have – at times – internalized.

You are owed nothing. Instant success doesn’t exist. There isn’t a magic doorway into millions of books sold without an inch of labor.

I’m not saying this to be cruel. This is a mantra I’ve found useful. Throughout my life, I’ve struggled against teachers who asked me to “dumb down” my reports. Aunts concerned that my story telling was too morbid. Life overflows with negativity. The best you can do is spin it around. If all else fails, remember it isn’t personal. Others might have mastered illusions of ease, but that’s all they are. Illusions.

Whether a review pops up slamming your favorite scene or your coworker emails you asking a question you answered in the prior email, take a deep breath. It’s okay. One person doesn’t shape the world. Tipping scales and rice aside, one person might be a cloud on your day, but their influence is as finite as your own.

Also, negativity flows down like a river. It goes along a path of least resistance. Don’t let it flow through you. Remain positive, and you might just find the negativity sent your way diminishes. Perhaps after a deluge but a decrease nonetheless.

Good Luck.

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