Debut, who?

Monday posts will continue as normal; however, I will also be posting from July 1st until the 7th (save Monday the 4th). What will these blogs consist of? Character introductions - the who's who of my debut! Book blurb - back cover speculation and discussions there. If anyone has any questions, feel free to comment.

Marketing: Blog Spots

Cover art is still in the works. The second I have it to share, it'll be up. Believe me, I'm ready for it to be here. There are certain phases in publishing where I swing between real and not real. Having the cover art in my hand will definitely help. Back onto marketing! Like I've... Continue Reading →

Cover Art and Characters

Expected Marketing Update: Currently working with small book store owners and arranging blog appearances. Lots of emails. Lots of waiting. On another more interesting note, my lovely cover artist has sent me a few questions which inspired a blog. Mainly, this blog post will consist of considering particular ideas about models and symbols associated with... Continue Reading →


I've been speaking with small book stores this week, and it seems to be tipping into next, so until I have something tangible to present, I thought you all might enjoy a bit of a peak into the galley. After all the edits are said and done, that's when the galleys come. Beautiful and neatly... Continue Reading →

Chain Stores – B&N

On my summer To Do list of marketing madness, I've spent the last week or so reaching out to my local chain stores / book giants. Since Borders closed, the main book giant in my region is Barnes and Noble. Nice, big (in a Fox Books sort of way) with chocolate, toys, and coffee to... Continue Reading →

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