Meet: Jordan Ostairius

Name: Jordan Ostairius

Demographics: 20-something? Maybe? ; 5′ 9″ ; bleached hair ; hazel eyes; eyebrow piercing ; Icelandic

Song: Les Friction – World on Fire

Jordan doesn’t really like talking about himself. His family has lived in Iceland for centuries, and he grew up with Jon’s father. Being a wizard, Jordan sits at the top of the magical food chain. A powerful demon hunter with a long streak of being anti-social.

If John Constantine, Spike, and Tyrion Lannister had a kid, the kid would be more well-adjusted than Jordan. Definitely more talkative.

Jon’s not 100% sure Jordan isn’t just a figment of his imagination. Jordan’s 100% sure he’ll regret taking Jon as an apprentice. That aside, they’re doing okay.


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