Meet: Jon Blythe

MC (Main Character) extraordinaire – Jonathan ‘Jon’ Blythe

Demographics: 18 years; multi-racial (African American, European, Native American); dirty brown/blonde hair; light brown skin; hazel eyes; over 6′ and still growing ; geek of lanky wonder!

Song: Stereo Fuse: Super Hero

Jon’s our narrating protagonist. Set in his second semester of university, High Summons takes place in Rochester, NY where Jon attends the University of Rochester. He’s a business student aiming for a BS with a focus in accounting and finance. There’s a love of math mixed into his magic-filled brain because why can’t logic and magic go hand-in-hand.

Having grown up in Boston, Jon’s an only child in a single mother household. His mother, Hannah, became pregnant at university, and Jon’s father left when he was around two years old. Hannah works with the Boston PD on motor vehicle accidents. Jon doesn’t have much information on his father. He knows his dad was white and named Jokul. He also knows his father had magic.

Growing up seeing monsters, Jon doesn’t do normal. His great magic moments include creating a tunnel through the rain and guiding chocolate soldiers straight to their stained death in the apartment’s rug. Isolated from the magical community, Jon jumps at the chance to meet another user when he spies the guy fighting a monster in an alley. Turns out the monsters are demons…great, right?

A dash of Peter Parker mixed with Tonks, Captain Marvel and a young Sam Wilson (Movie Verse). A definite Hufflepuff whose worldview just went sideways. He’s taking it pretty well.




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