Review: Buddhist Inspirations

Stress has got me down, so I’m out looking for books about meditation and pure comedies. Recommendations appreciated.  

Title: Buddhist Inspirations

Author: Tom Lowenstein


Being raised Roman Catholic, I explored Buddhism during my late teens thanks to my parents wanting me to experience various religions before picking any single one. Eventually, I decided on agnostic, but that’s another story.

Lowenstein managed to emphasize the most unappealing parts of Buddhism to me. Nothingness and absence stood out. Moderation and calm became apathy. It was rather disturbing. Like the blank emptiness was a reward rather than a fear. As someone afraid to cease, the best offer on the table – so to speak – became little more than a bleak reality. Perhaps to some, that’s helpful, but as someone intimately familiar with death, reality doesn’t have to be bleak.

Throughout the text, Lowenstein also implied that rebirth was a curse, but in contrast to ceasing – or the peace of nothingness – rebirth didn’t seem so bad. It’s like deciding on highs and lows vs a clean medium. Something like I imagine Ian Gallagher feeling about his bipolar meds.

If I hadn’t read other books on Buddhism, this would turn me completely off the subject. Instead, I can just admit a bad presentation of an interesting philosophy.


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