Review: Brief Cases

Title: Brief Cases

Author: Jim Butcher


A new Dresden Files book came out, so of course, I had to read it. If you’re looking for Harry Dresden’s acerbic narration, there are a few stories which might disappoint; however, getting into the heads of other characters always is a joy for me.

Butcher started strong with a western focused on Anastasia Luccio. It walks the line of short story versus incomplete novel. I enjoyed it, but Luccio’s work isn’t close to finished at the end. To be honest, there’s minimal resolution at all.

Stories from B is for Bigfoot were included in this volume, so if you haven’t bought that one yet, save your money and buy this one instead.  We get to see Dresden as a teacher and a Cub’s fan (or Cub’s fan adjacent) as well as some tales from Molly. For some reason, it only struck me while reading “Cold Case” that perhaps we all should have realized Molly was doomed the moment we learned Sarissa’s name. Then again – I suspect Butcher just has a thing for M names.

Everything wraps up with a tale from three perspectives: Harry, Maggie, and Mouse. A fun read with some interesting foreshadowing.

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