Going Indie

As most of you know, I was picked up by a small press in 2016. They published two books in my Warlock of Rochester series and a stand-alone paranormal romance, but as I've grown in my day job in the industry, my creative direction has changed. Though it may be a bad rom-com cliche, my... Continue Reading →


PitProm 2018 is OVER!!

24 finalists, 12 fantastic mentors, 2 team leads - 1 week of intense editing, 1 week of pulling in agents... We've done it. Our winners have been crowned! Congratulation to Queen Talynn Lynn of Court Science Fiction and Princesses Erin Peters of Court Fantasy and Nicole Garcia of Court Science Fiction. Team Science Fiction took... Continue Reading →

Libraries, China, and Paper Tariffs

Early in 2018, news articles talked of publisher concerns. As the bulk of printing happens in China, rising tensions risked the increase of costs regardless of tariffs, but with the new tariffs in place, we're already seeing a rise. Larger groups like Penguin Random House and HarperCollins have started raising prices. In my little corner... Continue Reading →

PitProm Statistics

Not surprisingly, my eyes are sore. I've read 88 entries - total of 970 or so pages, in 12 hours. There were some absolutely magnificent pages, and I've already assigned finalists (which can be seen here). However, while interest can be subjective, let's look at some non-subjective measurements: 9% of entries were MG and 1... Continue Reading →

PitProm – Prep Night

This past week and the next two, PitProm will consume my life. PitProm, a mentor-based pitch contest, is the brain-child of Kadee Carder and myself. I'm a fan of pitch contests and peer review. As authors, our supportive community can be our best asset. For those of you who don't know the timeline, the first... Continue Reading →

Review: She Would Be King

This is a September 2018 release given to me at Book Expo America. It is a nonfiction, so not really my usual fair. That being said -spoilers ahead. Title: She Would Be King Author: Wayétu Moore Stars: ★★★ This book starts out with a cat being beaten to death and gets darker from there. Moore gives no gentling... Continue Reading →

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