Marketing Tests: Free Book Promo Part 1

At the beginning of April, I went through the fun process of setting High Summons – the first book in my Warlock of Rochester series – to free. I’ll be breaking my analysis and summary of how I did this, what happened, and how I would do it better in the future into three parts.... Continue Reading →


Marketing: Instagram/Facebook Ads

Recently, my vacation to Iceland led to an offer for $30 in advertising credits. If you want a quick summary, don't unless you: 1) have a significant Instagram following; 2) have the time and money to lose; and 3) have a book on sale. That seems to be the only people I've seen with success... Continue Reading →

Review: The One in Light

This review does not contain spoilers! Please keep them out of the comments as well. Title: The One in Light Author: J. D. Stonebridge Stars: ★ Rarely have a read a book only to stare - unseeingly into the air upon completion. A possibly interesting plot stumbled its way from one plot hole to the next. At... Continue Reading →

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