Review: The Hawk’s Shadow

This review does not contain spoilers! Please keep them out of the comments as well.

Part of the Free (Kindle) series. 

Title: The Hawk’s Shadow

Author: M. S. Verish

Stars: ★★★

This was an extremely short read. It’s really more of a teaser to get you into the series. Generally, I’m for this sort of temptation offering. It gives readers a nice chance to check out a series without spending money, but it doesn’t cost the same effort (time-wise) as a full length novel. If you’re an aspiring author – I’d suggest considering this once you have 3+ books out in a series if you need to give your sales a boost.

Onto the review!

Whenever I see combined names – like Mr. Hawkwing – my brain jumps to German. There are some fantastic German compound words. As Pinterest has been fond of reminding me, there’s Torschlusspanik. Formed from three words (gate-shut-panic), it describes the feeling of diminishing opportunities as one ages. Like you’re running out of time. Species-appendage just doesn’t have the same power, does it? Hawkshadow – another name in the book – doesn’t either.

There were a few prepositional errors. An ‘in’ where a ‘for’ ought to go. Whoever did the artwork on the mid-point illustration has a fine hand though I’m not sure the expressions were terribly emotive. Still, better than I could do. Mostly, I found it problematic that we’re following a character on a journey but have little to no investment in any aspect of it. A demon shows up at one point, but this travel montage really just sets up a motivation for the next book.

Honestly, it’s impressively middle of the road. No major complaints. No grand compliments. A not unpleasant read which took less than an hour. It’s free, so if demons sitting in on dinner and phonetic writings of untraceable accents is for you – check it out.

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