Kindle Free Month?

As of December, I’ve opened this blog to reviews. My goal is to read at least two books a week and post on Mondays and Thursdays; however, there will be weeks I post actual blog content (about writing, marketing, sales, etc.) and only one review. If you are interested in me reviewing your book, click and read the tab at the top. Please follow all directions, or I’ll remove you from consideration immediately.

For January 2018, I will be reviewing only books which are free on Kindle. A major BookTube complaint is – books are expensive. Not exactly shocking, but definitely something I wish more of the reviewers I read and watched would consider. This means self-published authors who have free first books are often left out. While I’m not self-pubbed, I can empathize. That means every book you see in January here on out will be available on Kindle for free. If the author changes that after it’s posted, comment and I’ll update the post.

In my reviews, I will – on occasion – comment on something marketing/sales savvy which the author did. This will be summed in my end of the month blog post, but feel free to comment and ask for specifics if I’m vague alone the way!

If you’d like to see a weekly blog on any topic listed herein, tell me in the comments below!

And – as always – Good Luck!

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