Review: Knights: The Eye of Divinity

This review does not contain spoilers! Please keep them out of the comments as well.

This read was brought to you for free through Kindle. I literally just scrolled through the free books and picked one at random. Let’s see how that went!

Title: Knights: The Eye of Divinity

Author: Robert E. Keller

Stars: ★★

With simplistic writing and overly dramatic dialogue, this book had a number of pacing issues from the start. Lannon’s inner thoughts made me think of Gallivant. While I loved the tongue-in-cheek there, there were no winks to the audience here to suggest it’s satirical.  At times, the serendipity of a meet cute or ‘spontaneous conversation’ is incredibly forced.

As I like to keep an eye out for naming patterns, majority in this book have six-letter, two-syllable names. If a name isn’t one, it’s most likely the other.

Equal length sentences abound. My love-hate relationship with commas resulted in a bit of a twitch throughout the book. There weren’t any splices, just missing commas. Keller capitalized a number of nouns which didn’t need it, and if the intent was to emphasize the importance, the frequency undermines its effectiveness.

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