Cover Reveal: AISLING!!

A heart-wrenching paranormal romance coming out July 11th!

When Jess discovers her reflection is a separate being, her world turns upside down. She is drawn into an multidimensional war for survival alongside her reflection – an Aisling of the 2nd Dimension. As they fight to protect Earth from mind-controlling parasitic leeches, Jess finds herself falling for her Aisling, Kilpeni.  

Their love presents a twisted reflection of the story of Narcissus which both recognize, but for every reason they shouldn’t be together, they find more that draws them to each other like moths to a flame. Add in an interfering omnipotent being in charge of overseeing their progress who communicates through branded telegrams, and this pair of star-crossed lovers are doomed to be together forever yet worlds apart.

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