Book Signing

Sorry I’ve been MIA the last week and a day. Things have gotten a bit hectic as I’m finalizing book 3 in the Warlock of Rochester series, books 1 & 2 are out in paperback (and available in several libraries), and my first round of book signings have started.

As a small press author, I organize the signings. What does this mean? Networking is key. My first signing, Thursday July 20th, occurred thanks to a friend from college. She now runs a library, so when my books came out in print, she ordered them and started a lovely chain reaction of library orders.

I’m not a nature social butterfly. While I can spend a good hour on an impassioned book conversation, I feel awkward when selling my own. It’s my personal hurdle. Everybody has one or two, and many authors I’ve spoken to are self-described introverts. Unfortunately, marketing and selling need to be done.

As my books are new to print, I wasn’t surprised when few people had read them. That’s not uncommon in signings. I talked to everyone who came by the library and ended up getting a steady flow of sales. Book signings, in the end, are marketing opportunities. Regardless of the popularity of your book, a book signing can be a good way to sell in person without having to pay money for a booth.

My advice for anyone prepping for a signing:

  1. Bring more books than you expect to sell
  2. Have back up pens and make sure they: 1) quick dry; 2) don’t bleed through the pages; and 3) look good on your book’s pages
  3. Practice your signature beforehand
  4. Make sure you either have a sheet to ensure correct name spelling or at least ask

Otherwise, it was pretty straight forward. I arrived. I set up with the head of the library (a.k.a. my friend from college). Spent 2.5-3 hours (a bit longer than the 2 planned hours) signing/selling books. And grabbed dinner before heading home. Straight forward. If anyone has particular questions, feel free to ask in the comments.


Otherwise, Good Luck!


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