Sneak Peek!

Enjoy this sneak peek of my upcoming book Aisling! Coming July 11th!

Early morning dew covered the small park. Puddles lined the sidewalk up until the large fountain standing at the center. Whether guided by another’s will or moving without any rationality, Jessica stopped there, over three miles from her home. Water bled from her hair into the back of her sweatshirt. She gasped for breath, and spinning in a circle, she sought an enemy who had never been there. A small circle of water collected in a divot behind her. While she was disinclined to approach the huge mirror of the fountain’s surface, she leaned slowly over the small reflector.

“Are you a bit calmer now?” her face asked, shifting from one skin tone to the next like a mood ring.

Her heart thudded, but she didn’t scream. Standing straight, she looked left and right slowly before crouching down tentatively. “How are you talking to me?”

“I take that as a no.” She saw herself sigh. The water rippled, and a boy stood staring back, then an old man, then her reflection again. “Let’s sum up because we don’t have time for this panic.”

“I think we have some time for this panic!” Jess retorted darkly.

The other sneered. She’d never seen the expression on her face before. Between the dry dullness of her reflected eyes and the minute differences in the way her reflection held itself when not copying her, Jess was sure she had to be dreaming. This was impossible.

“No,” her newly independent reflection scoffed. “We don’t have time. I’m an Aisling – you’re a human. You live in the core world; I exist in the second dimension. Dimensions are like onions.”

“Or ogres,” Jess grumbled darkly and glowered over her shoulder at her shadow who had its hands on its hips and stood straight while she crouched. 

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