Review: Hiddensee

This review does not contain spoilers! Please keep them out of the comments as well. Title: Hiddensee Author: Gregory Maguire Stars: ★★ I was rather underwhelmed with this one. Until the last fifth of the book, the connection to The Nutcracker really didn't make much sense to me. A dry and frustrating story that touches on coming of age.... Continue Reading →

Spotlight: West of the Cradle

  Giveaway!! Leave a comment, and you'll be automatically entered with a chance to win a free copy!!! Title: West from the Cradle Author: Brigid Amos Genre: Young Adult Historical Fiction Publisher: Clean Reads                 If the West doesn’t kill you, it’ll make you stronger. Book Blurb: Travis... Continue Reading →

Sneak Peek!

Enjoy this sneak peek of my upcoming book Aisling! Coming July 11th! Early morning dew covered the small park. Puddles lined the sidewalk up until the large fountain standing at the center. Whether guided by another’s will or moving without any rationality, Jessica stopped there, over three miles from her home. Water bled from her hair into... Continue Reading →

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