Marketing: Guest Posts

I just finished writing 3 guest posts  in a single day. While I love writing, blog posts can become repetitive so quickly. Every time I open a new draft, I consider everything I’ve written before and what else I can say to help you. Today – we’re talking about guest posts.

Back in the early 90s and 2000s, blogs blew up. The industry went crazy for them, and it wasn’t as flooded a field as it is today. Now, a blog isn’t likely to go big. A few hundred readers is an amazing feat, and man, is that depressing.

However, even if you’ve just started your blog, it can still be a great marketing tool. If you know how to write a post, guest posts are so much easier. Generally, I keep mine between 250-500 words for guest posts. As you know, my posts to my own blog are often longer than that. I also try not to ramble. It’s a bad habit of  mine. I find tangents irresistible.

But if the blog world is over-saturated, what’s the point?

Not every blog running today started in the last five years. There are bloggers from the early 2000s who are still blogging. Additionally, often blogs have different audiences, so even if you’re only getting a few dozen new eyes on you, it’s still more than if you didn’t do it.

While you can write them as they come, it’s helpful to keep a few posts just in case. Normally, I have two ready to go, but this month has gotten away from me. I’ll update you fully in the next post on that.

They can be on anything: marketing, social media, cover art, editing, etc. Whatever you enjoy blogging about. Working with your peers gets your name out there. Writing is a community sport. Let the community help you.

And, as always, Good Luck.

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