Update: Current Projects

So, this month has been crazy. I’ve been doing #DecemberGiveaway – see above tab – which has been awesome. The book giveaway went smoothly, and though the query critique contest had a few areas that need improvement, I’ve already completed two out of three. Last weekend, I released two shorts to my mailing list (sorry, not sorry if you missed because you weren’t signed up). That alone, however, would be a cake walk.

Two of my books have been accepted for publication. The sequel to my debut YA urban fantasy High Summons is currently undergoing line edits. I finished content edits a week and a half ago. Set in Rochester, the sequel – Grimm Remains – follows Jon and Jordan as they deal with the aftermath of the climax of the first book and the strange increase in activity on the Genesee River. I, honestly, love Grimm Remains a bit more than High Summons. Probably because the title is a pun on the antagonist. But that’s the only spoiler I’ll give on that.

I’m also publishing a new adult paranormal romance – Aisling. It follows a female senior college student dragged into an interdimensional conflict where her shadow/reflection is a separate creature from herself. In fact, every reflection and shadow is an Aisling of the 2nd dimension. Makes everyday activities a little more awkward. Enjoyed myself a bit too much on this one.

Both are coming out through Clean Reads, which means no curse words and no sex. They’re estimated for an April release date. I’m hoping they go a bit earlier because my PhD exams are in April. Mix editing, doing #DecemberGiveaway, prepping for my PhD exams, and working as a TA, that’s my December so far. Luckily, the last one is over until spring semester.

So that’s what’s going on with me. How about you?

Well, no matter what – Good Luck.

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