Juggling like a Pro

All juggling herein is hypothetical or organizational. As you sadly put aside your balls, knives, and whatever flaming tortures you planned to throw around, take heart. This is the post on preparing yourself for reality.

What reality?

The reality that authors often aren’t supported by their writing alone. Having other obligations is expected. People in general want families alongside careers, so crappy personal/work balances won’t be dealt with here though the same rules could be applied. Honestly, it’s a work of priorities. Put what feeds you first. Don’t dismiss your passion, but recognize it for what it is. Grow it in a way that doesn’t threaten your existence or that of those who depend on you.

Make time! Like with my prior writing on reading, you control your time. Click out of YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, and all those time-wasting websites. Open a Word Doc or whatever writing program you use and just write.

Crazy, I know, but take heart. Some sites have gone so far as to help you by becoming subscription-based. How is this helping? I don’t know about you, dear reader, but the second Hulu stopped being free, I stopped watching TV. Instead of replacing a vice with a vice, replace it with an activity. It doesn’t have to be 100% writing, but for the sake of this post, I’d say at least some probably should be.

Planners help. General rule for me is 2-3 hours of writing and/or marketing per day. During the summer, this was up to 6-7 hours, but now that the academic year has come around again, my days are consumed with examinations, coursework, and teaching. If you get published, expect to work upwards of 12+ hours the week of your release. Even if you plan, the excitement gets to you.

Good Luck.

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