Focus Issues

I have two modes: 1) hyperfocus and 2) no focus. This can be terrible in writing. With my doctoral work taking up most of my time, any extra time is generally dedicated to writing, but that doesn’t always work well if I can’t get my brain to saddle up with me. Because of this, I... Continue Reading →

Writing Routine

As promised, my writing routine is below. Since I schedule my writing, I'll be just including what I do in the hour I've set aside most weekdays. My longer five hour weekend writing schedule's rather similar, so just lengthen were noted if you'd like. Enjoy! Close all windows save the document for the manuscript (MS)... Continue Reading →

Juggling like a Pro

All juggling herein is hypothetical or organizational. As you sadly put aside your balls, knives, and whatever flaming tortures you planned to throw around, take heart. This is the post on preparing yourself for reality. What reality? The reality that authors often aren't supported by their writing alone. Having other obligations is expected. People in... Continue Reading →

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