Schools Out for the Summer

For the next three months, I am a PhD student without classes. Sure, at least 2 days a week are filled with excavating ruins, but field school isn’t anywhere near as time consuming as taking 4 graduate courses, TAing, and prepping for candidacy exams.

And the timing couldn’t be better.

My debut novel, High Summons, is out in July, and while I’ve done my bit of platform building and marketing prep, there’s still a bit more to do. The sequel needs work. I haven’t spoken with local book stores face to face yet, and my university has a team which gets behind students who do anything that might be used as publicity for the school.

The last is the easiest. The second is just legwork, and writing is – as it always was – a steady training montage of doom and glory. However, my shift in activities and where I am in the publishing process means the posts here will likely be a little more event specific.

Going forward, the plan is to do something at least once a week towards the book and report back on progress with analysis of hurdles and what-not.

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