5 Steps to Calm Negotiations

Here are my 5 steps for how to keep calm and achieve the best outcome in negotiations throughout the publishing process. Deep breaths, meditation, yoga, or exercise to deal with anxiety are also suggested, but the steps are generally more directly helpful.

  1. Consider the request from the other individual’s perspective imagining the best possible argument they might have for the request
  2. Consider why you don’t want to acquiesce to the request in terms which acknowledge
  3. Compare the request to previous requests acknowledge the positive and negative outcomes involved in dealing with the same individual or others in a similar position
  4. Write a 3-5 sentence explanation using the other individual’s reasoning to discuss your perspective in such a way which reflects your previous positive outcomes
  5. Recognize when the other individual either cannot give or won’t give on a particular request. You have two main choices:
    1. Don’t continue on a single aspect if you are willing (and capable) of utilizing the loss of it to gain ground in a more important area. State such in a way which acknowledges your willingness to concede the point if they’ll concede some aspect or some degree of the more important to you area. Good luck!
    2. If the item is a deal-breaker for you, state as such after rationally discussing the request and as a reason for why you are:
      1. Declining the offer / removing your manuscript from consideration
      2. Requesting to break your contract (consider carefully the deal before signing – breaking contract can be extremely difficult, so – good luck!)

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