Review: Twelfth

Title: Twelfth

Author: Janet Key

Stars: ★★ (3 stars)

Identity takes the stage in Key’s Twelfth whether it be how one character defines themself compared to their sister / their past self, etc. or to who they are / are not supposed to be and onward to the more familiar gender identity. Self-discovery is common in coming of age stories, so it’s an often repeated theme in middle grade.

If you were a theater kid, odds are you’ll like this one, and if you’re raising a theater kid, they’ll probably like it too. Maren is relatable. Charlie is also fun, and while I would’ve preferred a much more even split between them, the story really is mostly about Maren. She’s the one dealing with the mystery.

It’s a fun read. There are some pacing issues which took off a star for me, but overall, the mystery is interesting, and it really strikes home the journey being more important than the destination (question more than the answer).

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