Distraction and Plot Bunnies

Lately, my motivation is waning. Not for writing as a whole, but if I've spent so long with Jon and the demons in Rochester that I've gotten easily distracted by a somewhat about face - crime thrillers, specifically noir. I've always loved a good mystery, but most of the ones I like are paranormal or... Continue Reading →

Review: Charlie & Frog

This was an advanced reader copy for the April 2018 publication. There are minor spoilers ahead. Title: Charlie & Frog (A Mystery) Author: Karen Kane Stars: ★★★★ Middle grade and young adult novels have a habit of making adults (especially parents) inept. Poor Charlie's story is no different. His parents and grandparents are self-interested, and between one thing... Continue Reading →

Review: Atlantis

This review does not contain spoilers! Please keep them out of the comments as well. Title: Atlantis Author: Carol Roberts Stars: ★★★ The book opens on a mystery, but the first chapter threw me. Maybe the names or the change in tone from the foreboding of the prologue. Something shifted, and it took the whole chapter for... Continue Reading →

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