Conquest Rising: Cover Reveal

Conquest Rising.jpg

Kat Parker dreamed of exploring the galaxy, but she never intended to do it as a prisoner on an alien spaceship.

Forced to compete to stay alive, she’s one of only ten survivors – and their numbers are dropping quickly. Each test changes the victors. Genes or minds, they are the last in a long line of genocide trophies, and whoever survives won’t just be proof of the alien god king’s superiority, they’ll be the key to bringing back his extinct species.

Not all hope is lost. Against all odds, Earth holds off the invasion, throwing up a nanite shield and turning the survivors’ death march into a mission behind enemy lines.

Surrounded by an empire enamored with their captor, the survivors most powerful move might be to pick who survives – but not everyone agrees. Some want to live even if that means humanity’s downfall.

Determined to make her death mean something, Kat aims to clear the ranks – whether by riling their captors or cutting down her own – she’ll set herself on fire if it means the god king burns.




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