As I’m prepping the launch of CONQUEST RISING (January 2020), I’ve been looking for a new way to distribute my ARCs. Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) are a great way for authors to get word about their book churning around the internet before launch day, and matched with a pre-order, they can bring in sales.

However, as any indie authors know, ARCs can be a nightmare. Pirating runs wild. Even if your book isn’t a big title, there are people who will take and distribute it illegally, but most authors don’t have the time, skills or money to fight against pirating without limiting their ability to do ARCs.

Which is why I’m testing out BookSprout. BookSprout offers a website through which ARCs can be distributed with an eye to prevent and find those who would steal your work and distribute it illegally.

I’ll let you guys know how it goes, but if you’re interested in reading –

  1. A middle grade paranormal adventure where a trio of Rochester elementary school students discover a ghostly rebellion in the Memorial Art Gallery – check out GHOSTS IN THE GALLERY and claim a free ARC.
  2. A young adult urban fantasy where a young freshman becomes a demon hunter’s apprentice, fighting a group of rogues set to level the city – grab an ARC copy of HIGH SUMMONS.

For any future ARCs, follow my BookSprout page!



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