Meet This Press: Charlesbridge

Most people know at least a handful of the big five in the publishing industry: Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan, Penguin Random House, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt – but there are so many more medium-to-large presses which have extremely similar distribution channels and reach but not necessarily the same amount of books coming out annually.

Due to my amazing day job, I work with the Special Market crew for many different publishers, and I want to take today to tell you all a publisher I think you ought to know (and have been shocked to find out most of you don’t know!).


I’ve been lucky enough to visit their office in Watertown, MA. Focused on children’s books, they have some fantastic series, including the well know Global Babies.

Global Babies

They’re absolutely adorable. If you’re seeking diverse cultural representation, these are great photographic books for the job. The bedtime book in the series might just be one of my favorite of this sort of board book.

For authors, they take unsolicited submissions (i.e. those coming directly from unaccented authors). If you have a children’s book, you can send in a submission, and they’re growing their YA section too. 

Having worked with their sales crew, I can tell you they know what they are talking about in the industry, and they have a fantastic understanding of the direction the children’s market is headed.

For those of you who want to break into the industry, they also do an editorial internship program. It can be a great opportunity for those who can’t afford to be in the NYC area.

If you’d like to hear about more middle-sized presses, please comment below! Or tweet me @Celata_E on Twitter!

Good luck!

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