Upcoming Release: THE ONE THAT LIVES

What? Another book launch? A new series? Yes, I’m releasing the first book in the Kasmai Cycle – THE ONE THAT LIVES.


Gregorian looms over the McKinley family though they’ve never met him. He’s the name Jacob McKinley screams right before his older brother, William, wakes him from his nightmares. Gregorian hangs over their breakfast table some mornings when the weight of him just won’t leave. Gregorian is a name William could do without knowing.

When the name becomes more than a nightmare, William swears to protect Jacob, but doubt lingers in the back of his mind. Given the choice between living or dying to protect his brother, William’s uncertain he’s selfless enough to make that sacrifice. 

Gregorian sends every monster in his service after the two brothers. For as long as Jacob lives, Gregorian unrelenting hatred of humanity will be solely focused on him. As they fight for their lives and to prevent genocide, William and Jacob learn the dark history which shaped Gregorian and his brother whose legacy is far worse.


Coming December 15, 2018!

Pre-Order Link: Amazon

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