#12books12months: High Summons

The first book in my #12books12months plan is up and out. You read about my YA urban fantasy series here, and you can purchase it via Amazon, B & N, or Kobo. Print is available via Amazon, B & N, and anywhere served by Ingram.

We’re only 2 days in – but here’s what’s going on so far:

  1. B & N and Amazon still have some stock of the edition published with my old publisher. As they were printed and purchased by those distributors, there’s nothing I or the publisher can do. I do still get royalties, but they’re significantly less than what I get if you purchase the ones linked above, so I kindly ask that you purchase the new editions.
  2. Book 1 is launched, time for Book 2. Everything is ready for GRIMM REMAINS to go on pre-order in a week and a half. It will be released on October 15th, but I’ll put it as available on September 30th.
  3. Book 4 (LADY IN WHITE) is having it’s final patch test. As I’m a plotter who jumps around while writing, this means I’m doing the bits to tie the jumped sections together. This includes smoothing transitions, and I find it best allows me to ensure consistencies because it forces me to reread as I’m writing rather than assume I know what happened in the first 10K when I’m closing in on 70-80K. Looks like this one might end up ~90K before edits.
  4. Of the 12 reviews I had before, I have 4 currently up on my new edition. I have at least 3 more people who have promised reviews, and at least 2 beyond that who I can reach out to and see if they’re willing to re-post. I honestly wish Amazon would let me keep the reviews, but considering I’ve improved the editing, I get why they don’t.

All in all, we’re going strong. If you have purchased and reviewed, leave a comment below. If you have Twitter and want to tag me in posting about your review, I will RT those posts!

I’ll try to keep up doing Monday posts, but things get hectic 2 or so weeks before the release date, so you might see me slip at the beginning of October. I’ll see what I can do to patch that without mucking up the #12books12months plan.


Good luck!

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