For the next twelve months, expect to see one of these. It’s all part of my #12book12months insanity, and it means you can be certain you’re buying a book in a series that will continue.

The first book in my Warlock of Rochester series, High Summons, is now available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. If you purchase from Ingram, the paperback if available through there as well. I plan to do a hard cover and audio book, but I need to find the perfect voice actor for Jon first. If you think that’s you, shoot me a comment down below or through the page above.


If you’re looking for a YA Dresden Files or a non-romance warlock-focused Mortal Instruments, I have the pleasure of saying reviewers have compared the Warlock of Rochester series to both.

High Summons, the first in the series, introduces Jon Blythe: university student, superhero fanboy, and warlock. Though he knows his absentee dad had magic too, Jon’s never met anyone like him until he stumbles across demon hunter Jordan. Desperate to learn more, Jon agrees to become Jordan’s apprentice. However, Jordan isn’t in Rochester on a whim. He’s hunting rogues. Rogue magic users intend to send the city the way of Sodom and Gomorrah by summoning Mammon, the Son of the Devil.

Sound good? Buy it at the links below:


Amazon                       Barnes and Noble                   Kobo

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