I’m insane. I’m insane and stubborn, and while the publications will be one book every month September 2018 – August 2019, this was several years in coming. Two of the twelve books were published first through a small press, but after deciding to go indie, I decide – why not let all these books fly too?

Of course, I went to Reedsy. Grabbed an editor. Shelled out a rent check for each book to be edited and utilities for it to have a cover (thank goodness for my day job), but I’ve got a line up I’m happy with, and I realized that I have a backlog of books that could fill two years – so why not ensure quality and stick with just one a month? Just kidding. I only have sixteen.

For the next twelve months, I’m pushing to publish a book a month. Here’s the rough plan (though it may change and I’ll update this list as I go):

September 2018 – HIGH SUMMONS (Warlock of Rochester 1)
October 2018 – GRIMM REMAINS (Warlock of Rochester 2)
November 2018 – SMOKE & MIRRORS (Warlock of Rochester 3)
December 2018 – LADY IN WHITE (Warlock of Rochester 4)
January 2019 – ABNEGATION (Kasmai Cycle 1)
March 2019 – CONDEMNATION (Kasmai Cycle 2)
April 2019 – GHOSTS IN THE GALLERY (Eoin O’Connor Series – 1)
May 2019 – INVOCATION (Kasmai Cycle 3)
June 2019 – IRON MUSE (Heir Quest Trilogy – 1)
July 2019 – DESOLATION(Kasmai Cycle 4)
August 2019 – ATTESTATION (Kasmai Cycle 5)

I’ll update you all at least monthly, but I want to figure out a few things in this process:

  1. Does this frequent release schedule influence the Amazon algorithm? If so, at what point? And how?
  2. Does purchasing increase after the release of the 3rd book in a series?  A repeated claim by the crowd who say ‘don’t bother marketing until book 3’ is that readers remain cautious with indie authors, believing there’s a high likelihood the series won’t continue or will randomly be dropped unless clear evidence (i.e. other books) suggests otherwise.
  3. Comparing small press launches with marketing paid for by the author (blog tours, launch party, etc.) compare to indie launches with review pushes – specifically, which has a better response: money or time? While both would be ideal, this relaunch gives me an interesting opportunity, and despite some confounding variables, I’m open to testing it out – partially because I’ve already put money into editing, ISBNs, barcodes, and cover art, but that should all be similar to what the small press spent.

If you see any other questions I have the opportunity to answer for indie/small press authors, post them in the comments below!

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