Going Indie

As most of you know, I was picked up by a small press in 2016. They published two books in my Warlock of Rochester series and a stand-alone paranormal romance, but as I’ve grown in my day job in the industry, my creative direction has changed. Though it may be a bad rom-com cliche, my publisher and I grew apart. We had different ideas about where the series would go, and both of us had different perspectives on marketing and editing. As a result, we’ve parted ways.

There are no hard feelings. It was a completely mutual decision, and I think we’re both a bit relieved. I know I breathed a literal sigh of relief upon seeing the rights reversion letter.

What does this mean for me?

Well, for the Warlock of Rochester series, I’ve decided to go the indie route. This all happened almost three months ago, so my head’s to been to the grindstone. Everything has been edited – line and content. New covers acquired!

(And I do believe they suit the series far better!)

Books 1 to 3 are all ready to relaunch in e-book and paperback. I’m even working on an audio book and hard cover, but those won’t be out this year.

Here’s the schedule:

HIGH SUMMONS – out September 15th
GRIMM REMAINS – out October 15th
SMOKE & MIRRORS – out November 15th

And if all goes according to plan:

THE LADY IN WHITE – out December 15th

Yes! Four books in four months! Either I’ve lost my mind, or I’ve been working my butt off. Maybe a mix of the two. Whichever it is, I need your help.

But what sort of help do I need?

Launch Team! I’m putting together a team to help launch each book. The first crew is for HIGH SUMMONS. All members of the launch team will receive:

  1. A developmental edit of 15 pages of material
    1. This can be a book, a query, or a mix!
  2. A free e-book copy of HIGH SUMMONS
  3. A thank you link on this website
  4. Access to a private Facebook group where they can speak with me and network with each other

And all they have to do is:

  1. Leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads (same review)
  2. Spread the word (tweet about the launch, RT my tweets on the launch, etc) especially the week of September 15th
  3. Share ideas to push the launch
  4. If they have a website, post their review or a blog post about the book on the 15th of September. If they don’t have one, share / RT the blog posts of others.

Pretty straight-forward and a really good bargain if I do say so myself.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of my team, leave a comment here or on Facebook. Alternatively, feel free to contact me through the website at the “Contact” page above or via email.

Wish me luck!

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