PitProm 2018 is OVER!!

24 finalists, 12 fantastic mentors, 2 team leads – 1 week of intense editing, 1 week of pulling in agents…

We’ve done it. Our winners have been crowned! Congratulation to Queen Talynn Lynn of Court Science Fiction and Princesses Erin Peters of Court Fantasy and Nicole Garcia of Court Science Fiction. Team Science Fiction took the crown from Team Fantasy!

And I’m ready to hibernate until next year.  Just kidding.

So, in 2017, we had a 3-way tie which led to Team Fantasy taking the crown. This year, we have a top finalist and a tie for second, so Kadee and I decided to call the tied pair – Princesses. A little on the nose, but we’re full of flights of fancy.

All in all, I’m proud and ready to chill poolside.


But I’m not going to – because I’m crazy like that. Stay tuned…coming tomorrow, an announcement about my next adventure.


Good Luck!

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