PitProm Statistics

Not surprisingly, my eyes are sore. I’ve read 88 entries – total of 970 or so pages, in 12 hours. There were some absolutely magnificent pages, and I’ve already assigned finalists (which can be seen here).

However, while interest can be subjective, let’s look at some non-subjective measurements:

  1. 9% of entries were MG and 1 made it through this year.
  2. 14% of Team Fantasy submissions requested “Sir” as their title.
  3. Only 1% were present tense – and none made it through to be finalists. This wasn’t due to a particular feeling on my part about present. The single entry just wasn’t as good as the others I ended up selecting for one reason or another.
  4. 28% were 1st Person with 16% of the finalists being 1st person
  5. While the average entry was 90K, the average finalist was 94.5K.
  6. 5 of our finalists are YA; 6 are Adult, and the last is an MG.
  7. 2 finalists had a rating of 2 for their quick pitch (which I weighted to be weaker than their query or pages).
  8. Everyone who got a 9 or higher on their pages is a finalist.

I’d like to believe I’m a harsh critic (post pages fell around 6/10). When I finished and realized the scores of my top 12, my extended time in academia waved back at me. The As got through.



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