PitProm – Prep Night

This past week and the next two, PitProm will consume my life. PitProm, a mentor-based pitch contest, is the brain-child of Kadee Carder and myself. I’m a fan of pitch contests and peer review. As authors, our supportive community can be our best asset.

For those of you who don’t know the timeline, the first 24 hours of PitProm involves me going through 200 entries. With each entry consisting of a query letter (est. 1-2 page), quick pitch (140 characters), and 10 pages, I end up reading 2,200-2,400 or so pages in one day. Doable for me. Doable but exhausting.

Last year, I naively underestimated the power of word-of-mouth. I believed we wouldn’t get even close to 200 for each category.  Lesson learned. As a result, my pre-PitProm prep has intensified.

Today – I’m writing this to forewarn you lovely guys that no reviews will be up for the next two weeks. However, I will be writing up a least one post on PitProm each week. Regular Monday postings!

I’ve got snacks (healthy and not so healthy). My alarm set. It’s not a great wake-up time, but it gives me enough leeway to grab caffeine. To avoid distraction, I’ve cleaned my work space. All the basics.

My great plan for the evening?

  • Review my mentors’ wishlists
  • Review editors’ and agents’ wishlists
  • Create a spreadsheet for pitch review
    • I won’t share this with you guys, but I will tweet stats and do a post summarizing.

Most of contest planning occurs months in advance. Coordinating mentors took a month or so as we had a few not come back. Agents and editors have changed a bit. Some of the old ones responded, and they’ll be back. Nobody outright said no. A lot of – ’email me on the date’ sort of thing. It will be interesting.

If you’re in awe of the PitProm website, that’s all Kadee.

Wish us luck!


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