Odd-Ball Reviews: Images First

This is not a single review. No, you have stumbled across an odd-ball review. Thanks to Book Expo America 2018, I have a ridiculous number of short reads. Today – I review the free comics from Images First.

They had these all laid out on their table. Take one! Take all! How could I resist? In the free for all of the exhibit floor, most of the books were short quantity with times allocated. Long lines resulted. Sad faces as most people didn’t get anything despite waiting, so Images First avoided that with a number of quick reads.

Some of these weren’t complete stories, and there’s a chance they don’t actually continue in the same tone as these little prequels, so these impressions are built solely on what I was given.

Since the reads were quick – my reviews here are too!

Monstress – Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda

A harrowing tale of humans vs ‘monsters’ with the humans coming out looking more monstrous. One ‘monstress’ hunts down a woman associated with her dead mother and reveals her uncontrollable powers to readers and her fellow captives alike. Interesting albeit depressing.

Outcast – Kirkman & Azaceta

A disturbing mix of Constantine and Sinister with a massive ‘chosen one’ aspect. All in all, Kyle’s life is shit. Demons (or something) wants him, but his blood – like Harry Potter’s touch before recon resurrection – burns his enemy. Not my favorite.

Afar – Leila Del Duca and Kit Seaton

A confusing mix of astral projection and bad parents. Beautiful artwork.

Deadly Class – Remender + Craig + Loughridge

So many question – why do the cops want to kill the kid? Has he actually killed anyone? Which came first? Their interest in him or the cops’ interest? Did one cause the other. There’s so much left open with the quick #1 that I’m tempted to buy the rest to find out how this kid does in a secret school of assassins. However, I’m also concerned that the bad attitude of everyone involved will just piss me off.

Saga – Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

Fairy tale soldiers Romeo & Juliet in space.

Moonshine – Brian Azzarello & Eduardo Risso

Werewolves and bootlegging (specifically Appalachian moonshine) during Prohibition. As strange and offsetting as it sounds.



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