Review: The Midnight Sea

This review does not contain spoilers! Please keep them out of the comments as well.

Part of the Free (Kindle) series. 

Title: The Midnight Sea

Author: Kat Ross

Stars: ★★★

A few things that I don’t think are spoilers but might change whether or not you want to read this book. One, it reference someone peeing themselves in the first 10 pages. Two, commas are missing to several locations. Three, metaphors are not Ross’s strong suit, and those which are there suffer from cliches. Four, if you go by the main character’s age (and the writing itself), this is more of an upper middle grade in my opinion.

There are historical elements, focused around the collapse of the Achaemenid Empire and the Zoroastrian religion. As that suggests, we’re in the Middle East (Persia). Anyone familiar with that time period will recognize a number of names / places.

Overall, it reminded me of the Eragon series. They both contain common elements (hero journey arch), and while generally entertaining, there are a number of other stories that do so in a more unique manner. It’s a decent read, but not one I’d pay for – so it’s convenient that it was free.

Additionally, the free version of this book includes three chapters from the second. I found this a bit odd, considering it also has an epilogue, but they aren’t mutual exclusive even if my brain wants them to be.


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