Review: Graveyard Shift

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Part of the Free (Kindle) series. 

Title: Graveyard Shift

Author: Angela Roquet

Stars: ★★★

This book’s blurb had be sold at lazy reaper. However, while Lana had an enjoyable narrative voice, there was very little action. The plot sailed along with very little guidance, yet all the characters interested me enough to keep going in hopes something might pop up.

If you liked Office Space and Dead Like Me, this one could be for you. It’s got that not missing work feeling with the grim reaper clothes. Except, one of the major moral lessons for Lana was learned by George (of Dead Like Me) in the first few episodes.

While there are supernatural elements, the books plays out like a contemporary woman’s fiction. Lady has a job she doesn’t like, a friend she doesn’t feel she measures up to, and a desire to find significance where she isn’t entirely sure any exists. Not bad, but not what I had hoped. Things do pick up around the half way point, but the tone doesn’t change.

Several disturbing moments happen, so be prepared for feeling like the main characters are brushing over larger issues (coercion, unwanted soul modification, etc.). Those with an understanding of Chinese mythology will see some of these issues coming.

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