Focus Issues

I have two modes: 1) hyperfocus and 2) no focus. This can be terrible in writing. With my doctoral work taking up most of my time, any extra time is generally dedicated to writing, but that doesn’t always work well if I can’t get my brain to saddle up with me.

Because of this, I keep to a strict schedule. If you follow me on Twitter or read my blog, I talk about my pink planner from the Law of Attraction planner line. I’ve been a big planner fan for years but was a bit (read very) skeptical of the line. While I’m not 100% a believer, the way they organize their planner is fantastic. If I decide to drop it for a month, I can because I control the dates that are included. Each month forces the user to reflect on the failures and successes of the previous month. It’s worked for me.

I also cut out sugar and caffeine when I know stressful times are coming up. This might seem counterproductive, but I find that I’ll get too reliant on them, and the rise and crash does not help with stress levels. I wouldn’t, however, do this during a high stress time.

Mostly, I prioritize. When I have focus, I use it. When I don’t, I use that too. Many of my best plotlines came from days I couldn’t focus. Find a way to make your weaknesses strengths, and you won’t waste a day.

Good Luck.


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