Debating YouTube

The majority of humans seem to enjoy watching others. Specifically, interesting others. I mean, the fact that “people watching” exists says an awful lot. It’s why realities shows do well. It’s why youtubers do well. We like seeing what other people do, and if we can do that without being watched ourselves, all the better.

Some may watch to feel smarter. Some may enjoy the drama when it isn’t their own. No matter the reason, millions of people watch videos from gamers to beauty vloggers. Groups form around people. It’s not new. Authors and actors have seen this for a long time. Royalty, even longer.

I enjoy competition cooking shows. In a way, they are reality TV. Any televised event where producers stress the dramatic interactions of individuals who theoretically are presenting their genuine personality falls into reality television territory. I also enjoy YouTube. I rarely follow anyone consistency. I change who I’m subscribed to almost every month.

However, the success of these videos and my own participation cause me to consider taking part. I’ve debated The Amazing Race, but I can’t think of someone with whom I’d be willing to travel for that sort of duration who’d actually be able to do so. Otherwise, I’ve only considered YouTube – the BookTube side to be specific. Content questions, however, have stopped me.

For me, BookTube thrives due to the reviewer community. I rarely go there for the authors. Audiobooks and I have a rocky relationship. I’m picky about my voice actors. If the actor doesn’t fit my mental voice, I’d rather just read it. My blog could be made into videos. There’s a limited amount of editing on either side, so blog-type videos could work.

What do you think? Would you watch videos with similar topics to this blog? If you have an opinion, write it down in the comments.


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