Debating YouTube

The majority of humans seem to enjoy watching others. Specifically, interesting others. I mean, the fact that "people watching" exists says an awful lot. It's why realities shows do well. It's why youtubers do well. We like seeing what other people do, and if we can do that without being watched ourselves, all the better.... Continue Reading →

Spotlight: J. N. Tomczak

  Book Title: The Great Siege (KINGDOM OF FAERIES) Author: J. N. Tomczak Genre: High Fantasy/Adventure Publication Date: January 17th, 2017 Blurb:  Exiled and hunted, Aurora, the last of the Vlnndruill bloodline, leads a rebellion far from the peaceful forests of Edenhart she once called home. With the Apocrypha imminent and surrounded by enemies, the... Continue Reading →

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