A while ago, I encouraged you all to check out internships at literary agencies and publishers. Those who have interned or are interning generally do better on contests. Why? Because they have the PR powerhouses behind them. They’re known in the literary world. They’re working on their craft (not just writing but marketing) daily. Practice makes perfect after all.

Why am I talking about this again? Because I took my own advice.

Those who follow me on Twitter already know – I’m currently interning with Inklings Literary Agency. For me, this means learning the insides of the marketing / PR publishing monster. I won’t be able to post exactly on what I’m doing. However, I might post once or twice about how my internship has helped me learn or what I’ve learned.

Like any advisor / advisee seen in academia, my sensei in PR will have to give me the go-ahead on any big sharing: workshops, fun chat sessions that Inklings agents do from time to time, Twitter parties, giveaways, etc. With her blessing, I might post on what I’ve learned at milestones in the process. We shall see.

Otherwise, this was just a head’s up. I’ll continue with my author / writing / weekly thoughts next week. If you guys have questions, feel free to comment. I’ll answer what I can.

Good luck!

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