Heir Quest

I’m currently querying a young adult fantasy tentatively tiled – HEIR QUEST. It follows a teenager, Cal, when she’s kidnapped by a tree to assist a faerie prince. The prince, Oberon, needs to defeat a dragon and save a distressed damsel to earn his crown, but tradition demands a human companion witness his mission. Unfortunately, Cal is that human.

As Cal lies, manipulates, and kills her way through Faerie, she discovers the disturbing historic coup that cleaved the Unseelie from the Seelie Court. It all ties back to Camelot – and the truth isn’t exactly what legend says.

Since I’m querying it out, I thought I’d share a short story it inspired. Now, HEIR QUEST opens with Cal being summoned a second time. Instead of talking about who or what summoned her then, she recalls her first summoning to Faerie. However, during the second summoning, her pencils get separated from her. They sprout legs and walk into a bar – The Writer’s Block. While HEIR QUEST doesn’t tell you what they were up to while Cal squared off with the whole of Faerie, this short story does.

Also, as it takes place after HEIR QUEST, it gives you some insight from a pencil that Cal had with her when she was taken.

The Writer’s Block

There’s a good amount of 20s/30s slang. Enjoy.


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