Spotlight: J. N. Tomczak



Book Title: The Great Siege (KINGDOM OF FAERIES)

Author: J. N. Tomczak

Genre: High Fantasy/Adventure

Publication Date: January 17th, 2017


Exiled and hunted, Aurora, the last of the Vlnndruill bloodline, leads a rebellion far from the peaceful forests of Edenhart she once called home. With the Apocrypha imminent and surrounded by enemies, the dark forces gathering in the north will stop at nothing to see her dead.

Aurora is the only one powerful enough to bring an end to this war, the only one with the strength to face the Sorcerer of the North. But will her allies and magic be enough? If she cannot find the will to accept her fate, even if that means she must die, all that she’s fought for – all those who’ve pledged to her their loyalty…

…will be destroyed.

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About the Author:

J.N. Tomczak grew up on a small farm in central Arkansas and now lives in Tucson, Arizona with her husband. When not writing, Julianne loves playing video games, listening to music, hiking, and collecting books and Star Wars stuff.


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