5 Writing #Hashtags to Follow

Twitter and I are still newly acquainted. I’m not terribly consistent with it, and there are days when just looking on my Trends List makes me done with social media for the day; however, as I’ve said many times, Twitter is an excellent resource for writers – aspiring or otherwise. Below are a list of 5 #s I keep an eye on.

  1. #querywin

This is a tag mainly posted by literary agents. It arose out of the negativity surrounding #tenqueries and discusses a query done well. At times, this can be hitting the right agent with the right genre at the right time. Other times, you’ll learn about venues for finding the agent’s wishlist which isn’t always on easily found.

2. #tenqueries

While many agents have switched to #querywin out of a desire for positiveness, there are those agents who stuck with #tenqueries because there are authors who like to learn from the mistakes of others. If you’re likely to project yourself into a tweet, I’d suggest avoiding this one. Many authors find themselves biting their nails over queries they had no part in.

3. #MSWL

This means Manuscript Wishlist. I.E. – the literary agent, editor, or publisher are tweeting exactly what they want. There are websites built around this tag. This one is my preferred. If you’re uncertain what to write next, check out the list. If you’re ready to query, check out the list. Be careful, however, not to try to shape an ongoing piece around them.

4. #amwriting ; #writerslife

I know; I know. It’s two! If you’re looking for your fellow authors, these are your tags. Both are used for various reasons, but they ultimately connect the tweet back to the tweeter’s identity as a writer.

5. #amediting

Many aspiring authors forget how important editing is. While writing a manuscript is rather impressive, your first draft shouldn’t be the one you send out to agents. Join fellow authors cutting through the blah to get to the magical innards of their stories. Perfect for editing newbies and pros.

Hope these help, and as always, Good Luck.

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